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Need a little encouragement to keep your child off the naughty list?  Or have a special gift that is worthy of delivery only by the REAL Santa Claus?  Our videos feature Santa himself recording a truly unique personalized video straight from the North Pole, complete with all of the information you want him to include.


This is not your run-of-the-mill generic Santa Claus video!  This is a truly unique, personalized video, recorded individually for your needs by our crew of elves led by an Emmy Award winning producer!  Don't settle for a templetized animation that drops a few photos over a pre-written script when you can have the REAL Santa talking specifically to you, your kids or your friends!


Each video is for one child or person and will last 2-3 minutes.  Please order an individual video for each person.  When multiple videos are part of a single order, each video will feature Santa in a different setting and offer unique fun and jokes so no two videos are alike!

Video Message from Santa Claus

  • Please select "digital delivery" shipping option at checkout.


    Videos will be sent-via downloadble link unless requested otherwise.  Santa can post the video to your Facebook wall, send via-text message, post to YouTube... however you want it presented, we're happy to do, just ask!

  • After checkout an Elf will send you a questionnaire so that Santa Clause has all the info he needs for your video. Questions will include name and pronunciation, siblings names, pets names, favorite teams, favorite shows, etc.

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