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A gift that your child will remember for a lifetime... just picture it now:

It's Christmas Eve and there are only a few presents under the tree... socks and a sweater, no doubt. But where are the toys?!  Well, Santa hasn't brought them yet. They children pout on their way to bed, but from upstairs, they hear sounds coming from below. They climb out of bed and sneak up to the living room, only to find Santa Claus carefully placing presents under the tree. All of the sudden, Santa spots them! And rather than run away, the kids are invited to share his milk and cookies, and spend some personal time with the big man himself.  He knows everyone's names, how they're doing in school, even information that nobody else could possible know!  Santa is the real deal, and your kids will remember this moment forever.


Reserve your time today by placing your deposit. Select one of the "ANYTIME" options to receive $50 off! If the time slot you wish Santa to arrive during is sold out, please contact us and we will do our best to accomidate. Remainder of payment will be due at time of visit. By purchasing this deposit you will reserve your time slot. We will contact you to complete the reservation.  

For more information on this service and to contact us with any questions, please visit

Santa Christmas Eve Visit

  • Available only to residents of Connecticut and New York within the specified service area.  Arrival times may vary slightly due to travel itinerary.  $100 deposit is non-refundable as others may be denied visits as a result of the reservation.  Outer zones will have additional costs per the rate map, that payment will be due prior to or at time of visit.

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